The first morning and my short-term furnishings

One of the key reasons for my big move was the feeling that I had become far too sedentary and unmotivated in life back home. I was a creature of habit, but one thing about city life that I am already becoming increasingly aware of is that even the smallest tasks become a little more challenging.

  • Going to the store means walking a couple blocks and either catching a cab back or being ready to carry what you have past panhandlers and street-urinators (yes, I already encountered my first one yesterday–they say if you see a puddle and it hasn’t been raining, avoid at all costs)—and forget about lugging things like furniture around.
  • Getting around is simpler in some regards (if you know me, you know I don’t deal well with traffic… or stop signs… or parking spaces…. or curbs…. or other people’s bumpers….), but it takes planning, especially being unfamiliar with the area and the public transportation routes.
  • Learning to live with roommates again and being respectful of shared space and etiquette is something I’ve done before, but still takes some adjusting.

Fortunately, my sublet is very comfortable. I happened to mention to a friend’s coworker that I was looking and, sure enough, his friend had an open space. The furniture I need is already there, including a very comfortable, queen-size, memory-foam bed. The high ceilings, fireplace and view overlooking Mission Street make me want to stay in here all day and resume my sedentary life. But already, my old, oft-ignored to-do list is filling up with things that need to get done, so I guess it’s time to get going.




One thought on “The first morning and my short-term furnishings

  1. Looks cozy. Happy to hear you made it safely there. Sorry you will be wearing t-shirts to work, though. And I’m jealous you have Chinese food so close. Hopefully, they make a zombie like Louis De.
    And sleeping masks make me think of Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly. I hope you are not sporting an aqua one with closed eyes and gold lashes on it when you sack out.

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