The first night

There are many routines and habits I am accustomed to when it comes to sleeping: I like it to be just the right temperature, dark and quiet, but with the right amount of white noise in the background. I always have a fan running for the white noise and an eye-mask handy if the moon is out.

The apartment in San Francisco will turn all of these on their head. Off Mission Street, there is the constant whizzing of cars and the glow of streetlights. But fortunately for me, I have my eye mask and the white noise app on my cell phone to help some, though they don’t begin to drown out the hustle and bustle on the street below. As for temperature, my fan is en route via UPS, set for delivery next week, but I doubt I will need it since there is no central heat in the house and it’s quite drafty. I am sure there will be a lot of adapting to come.

Of course, there is the small matter of time difference, which will also take some adapting. Ironically, I had just gotten onto the perfect East Coast sleep pattern over Winter Break, but with three hours difference, that too goes out the window.

All in all, though, while there are many things that will require getting used to, I relish the new experience and the challenges that lie ahead.

My flight over wound up being very successful–though United offers no frills, it was a much more pleasant experience than the fiasco of USAir in November, where flight delays (leading to a very frustrating missed connecting flight) and lost luggage made me swear off the airline for good.

Goodwill on Mission St.

Goodwill on Mission St.

Unfortunately, I was responsible for my own lost luggage experience today, somehow managing to leave a shirt bag and about 10 good dress shirts on the train from the airport. While I am hopeful they will somehow reappear, I’m realistic about the fact that they probably won’t. On the bright side, the Goodwill store across the street could prove useful.

I am looking forward to getting to know my roommates more in the coming weeks and maintaining a busy schedule, but I’ve got a backup plan, too, of getting caught up on some quality programming, having just watched the first two episodes of “Breaking Bad,” on which I am officially hooked.


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